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SPARK is a collaborative platform located in Malmö, Sweden with the purpose of strengthening the interface between architecture, art, research, and societal advancement through exhibitions and lectures. The aim is to promote artistic processes in architecture and urban development by activating intersections between art, architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture.


SPARK aims at exhibiting works that provokes critical discourse in current city building through explorative, experimental, trans- and interdisciplinary practices. SPARK collaborates with Lund University Department of Architectrue and the Built Environment, Architects Sweden Skåne, and Molekyl Gallery.


Current exhibition

Amelia Vey Henry
4D Printed Architectural Textiles


24.05 - 02.06 2024

Opening Friday, May 24, 17.00-20.00

Seminar at 18.00

4D Printed Architectural Textiles is a collection of research, design systems, and prototypes in creating digitally fabricated self-forming and self-supporting architectural composites. The prototypes are created via direct-to-textile robotic 3D printing of thermoplastics onto flat tensioned textiles, which then warp into 3D structures upon release. By experimenting with interdependent parameters such as material and print geometry, self-forming structural warping behavior can be pre-programmed into a textile, allowing the composites to “pop-up” into structural elements.


The exhibition explores the integration of technical additive manufacturing methods in architecture with the craft, tactility, and artistic expression of textiles, to propose a new material system that is adaptable and centered around the process of making. The collection of prototypes suggests a new way of viewing textiles in architecture and asks for a reconsideration of the binary structural divide between hard and soft materials within architectural fabrication. What role can soft materials have in architecture, and how can emerging technologies and manufacturing methods allow us to challenge the way we traditionally implement these materials? 

The project will be presented by Amelia Vey Henry at 18.00.

Amelia Vey Henry (US/SE) is an architect and computational designer researching and developing the application of 4D printed structural textiles as a new architectural material via robotic direct-to-textile printing. She has previously instructed workshops in both 4D textile printing and traditional 3D printing, modeling and visualization. 

Workshop: 4D Printing Textiles 


3D printing has already begun to revolutionize the world of architecture, forcing a consideration of the use of materials in architecture and their relationship with emerging technologies. 4D printing on textiles, though a relatively new use of 3D printing technology, presents great potential and insight into the architectural materials and processes of the future. 4D printing textiles is the process by which plastic is 3D printed onto a stretched textile that is later released, resulting in a 3D structural warping. By manipulating factors such as material, line thickness, and geometry, the warping can be controlled to create a wide array of applications; from deployable architectural structures and shelters for extreme environments, to softer textural interior architectural elements such as space dividers.


In this hands-on workshop led by Amelia Henry, participants will design and create their own 4D printed textile samples. The workshop will go through how to create 2D designs in Rhino3D, prepare them for the 3D printer, and ultimately print them out onto stretched textiles. 


The workshop is open to those 16 years and older. No prior experience necessary, all materials provided, but a laptop and mouse are required. 

Location: Studio Max Gerthel, Kristianstadsgatan 16, Malmö

Date and time: May 26 12:30-17.30


Spots are limited. To register, email to reserve your place. 

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