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SPARK is a collaborative platform located in Malmö, Sweden with the purpose of strengthening the interface between architecture, art, research, and societal advancement through exhibitions and lectures. The aim is to promote artistic processes in architecture and urban development by activating intersections between art, architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture.


SPARK aims at exhibiting works that provokes critical discourse in current city building through explorative, experimental, trans- and interdisciplinary practices. SPARK collaborates with Lund University Department of Architectrue and the Built Environment, Architects Sweden Skåne, and Molekyl Gallery.


Upcoming exhibition




2023/09/01 –2023/10/08

Opening sept 1st, 5 - 8 pm


Can architects use the written word to change the world? MANI-FEST is an exhibition and publication where 15 young Swedish architects were asked to formulate their own manifestos. The project set out to reflect on the power of words, historical manifestos and what is important to architects in Sweden right now. Do manifestos serve purpose for architects today and in the future? How can they contribute to a superficial and polarized debate on architecture? What are the issues that engage young architects in 2023?


The manifestos will be presented in a publication and a spatial installation in SPARK's gallery at Båstadsgatan 4 in Malmö. During the opening weekend, several talks will be organized where the participating offices will have the opportunity to develop their thoughts on manifestos, writing and architecture. The project will be a part of Malmö In The Making.


MANI-FEST is curated by Max Gerthel and Fredrik Torisson.

Graphic design by Daniel Christensen.


Participating architects (in alphabetical order):

Anders Berensson Architects

Andrén Fogelström



Ateljé Ö


Fabel arkitektur

Förstberg Ling                                                                     







studio näv                                             


Event programme (in Swedish):



Som utlovat kommer vernissagehelgen 1-2 september att innehålla fördjupade samtal omkring utställningen, processen och manifesten:


Fredagen den 1 september kl 16-17

Rundabordssamtal:  ”Att skriva arkitektur”


            Malin Heyman & James Hamilton (AT-HH)

            Catharina Dahl Palmér (Fabel arkitektur)

            Isabell Gonzaga (HelgessonGonzaga)

            Daniel Norell (Norell/Rodhe)

            Carl Fransson & Thomas Paltiel (studio näv)

Moderator: Max Gerthel

Plats: SPARK, Båstadgatan 4


Lördagen den 2 september kl 15-16

Rundabordssamtal: ”Ett underkännande av samtiden”


            Kayrokh Moattar (Arkemi)

            Tomas Lauri (Karlsson Lauri)

            Johanna Jonsson & Albin Karlsson (Polymorf)

            Helen Runting (Secretary)

Moderator: Katarina Rundgren

Plats: SPARK, Båstadgatan 4


Tisdagen den 5 september kl 14-14:20 (ARKDGN i samarbete med Sveriges Arkitekter)

Introduktion till MANI-FEST


            Johanna Jonsson & Albin Karlsson (Polymorf)

            Carl Fransson & Thomas Paltiel (studio näv)

Plats: Form/Design Center



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