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SPARK is a collaborative platform located in Malmö, Sweden with the purpose of strengthening the interface between architecture, art, research, and societal advancement through exhibitions and lectures. The aim is to promote artistic processes in architecture and urban development by activating intersections between art, architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture.


SPARK aims at exhibiting works that provokes critical discourse in current city building through explorative, experimental, trans- and interdisciplinary practices. SPARK collaborates with Lund University Department of Architectrue and the Built Environment, Architects Sweden Skåne, and Molekyl Gallery.


Current exhibition



2024/02/02 - 2024/03/03

Opening February 2nd 17-20 

The exhibition 1:1 showcases ReVærk's interdisciplinary practice and highlights the studio's unique approach, where an interaction between drawing, material experiments, and mock-ups defines the final architecture. The title, 1:1, refers both to the exhibition's focus on 1:1 mock-ups and to the collection of the studio's selected experiments, which as a whole express their guiding method. ReVærk has relocated part of their workshop and their experiments, mock-ups, and tool collection to Malmö for the duration of the exhibition at SPARK.

Trial as method

The exhibition presents a selection of ReVærk's collection of experiments and mock-ups developed in their own workshop in Aarhus. The work in the workshop is focused on the use of natural materials as well as recycled building materials. It includes the studio's work on the development of unfired clay soil as a building material and the repeated demand for innovative, concrete design and construction solutions with recycled building materials. The exhibition will manifest the possibilities of incorporating experiments and 1:1 mock-ups at an early stage in an architectural project. At ReVærk, the architect's role is both co-creative and with a deep understanding of tectonics, craftsmanship, material properties, and construction techniques.

The Tension Between Studio and Workshop

ReVærk's vision is to create thoughtful, healthy, and natural solutions that bring tactility and experiential added value. To pursue this, ReVærk works as a synergistic parallel to its drawing practice, with the development and execution of material and construction solutions. In the development work, the studio uses its workshop as an experimental space, creating installations and prototypes. The aim is to bring the natural performance of materials into modern construction, and the significant inspiration repeatedly revealed is the historical architectural heritage.


ReVærk Arkitektur was founded in 2017 by Simeon Bamford Østerlund and Mathias Nørgaard. Both are graduates of the Aarhus School of Architecture in 20161. ReVærk has received several grants for their investigative projects in material development, among other areas.

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