SPARK is a collaborative platform located in Malmö, Sweden with the purpose of strengthening the interface between architecture, art, research, and societal advancement through exhibitions and lectures. The aim is to promote artistic processes in architecture and urban development by activating intersections between art, architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture.


SPARK aims at exhibiting works that provokes critical discourse in current city building through explorative, experimental, trans- and interdisciplinary practices. SPARK collaborates with Lund University Department of Architectrue and the Built Environment, Architects Sweden Skåne, and Molekyl Gallery.


Current exhibition




2022/11/18 - 2022/12/11

Opening Friday Nov 18 at 18-21

Live performance with musician Dan Schyman at 18:30

For his first exhibition in Sweden, Gisle Nataas has created the work Fehn/4, an installation that reinterprets the architecture of Sverre Fehn through sound.

Gisle Nataas is trained as an architect and creates sound art using field recordings from architecture and urban spaces. In the exhibition Fehn/4, sounds from Sverre Fehn’s architecture are recorded from its materials and spaces and then projected into, and through, the gallery's materials, surfaces and space, creating a concrete encounter between Fehn's architecture and the gallery. What is the sound of an architecture?


The sound installation introduce the visitor to sounds of glass, concrete and metal present in Fehn’s project Storhamarlåven at Domkireodden in Hamar, Norway. To engage visitors further dialogue with the spaces, a monitor presenting a slideshow of photos of the architecture is present alongside the sounds.  

Gisle Nataas is an architect and sound artist born in Bergen, now based in Oslo. He is currently touring with the DKS production «Architecture as an instrument».

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