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2024/02/02 - 2024/03/03

The exhibition 1:1 showcases ReVærk's interdisciplinary practice and highlights the studio's unique approach, where an interaction between drawing, material experiments, and mock-ups defines the final architecture. The title, 1:1, refers both to the exhibition's focus on 1:1 mock-ups and to the collection of the studio's selected experiments, which as a whole express their guiding method. ReVærk has relocated part of their workshop and their experiments, mock-ups, and tool collection to Malmö for the duration of the exhibition at SPARK.

Trial as method

The exhibition presents a selection of ReVærk's collection of experiments and mock-ups developed in their own workshop in Aarhus. The work in the workshop is focused on the use of natural materials as well as recycled building materials. It includes the studio's work on the development of unfired clay soil as a building material and the repeated demand for innovative, concrete design and construction solutions with recycled building materials. The exhibition will manifest the possibilities of incorporating experiments and 1:1 mock-ups at an early stage in an architectural project. At ReVærk, the architect's role is both co-creative and with a deep understanding of tectonics, craftsmanship, material properties, and construction techniques.

The Tension Between Studio and Workshop

ReVærk's vision is to create thoughtful, healthy, and natural solutions that bring tactility and experiential added value. To pursue this, ReVærk works as a synergistic parallel to its drawing practice, with the development and execution of material and construction solutions. In the development work, the studio uses its workshop as an experimental space, creating installations and prototypes. The aim is to bring the natural performance of materials into modern construction, and the significant inspiration repeatedly revealed is the historical architectural heritage.

ReVærk Arkitektur was founded in 2017 by Simeon Bamford Østerlund and Mathias Nørgaard. Both are graduates of the Aarhus School of Architecture in 20161. ReVærk has received several grants for their investigative projects in material development, among other areas.

Past exhibitions

Giuditta Vendrame
Unfinished Worlds



2023/12/01 - 2024/01/14

Opening December 1st 17-20 

SPARK is delighted to present a solo exhibition with Rotterdam-based Italian artist Giuditta Vendrame opening December 1st. The show will present the site-specific installation, Unfinished Worlds.


We are largely accustomed to physical and political maps, leaving little space for other perspectives in our collective imagination. Geographical and political maps often contain overlooked elements. For Vendrame, the unobserved details include the subtle lines of parallels and meridians.

The geographic coordinate system, established by Ptolemy, forms the basis for modern maps. According to geographer Franco Farinelli, this system domesticated the globe into space, a concept that considers any part as equivalent, whether land or sea. Maps have historically served as tools for spatial orientation and control, occupation, and colonization. Challenging this modern spatial concept, Giuditta Vendrame deconstructs and reinterprets maps and globes in her works. Using cobblestones and nails, she creates a link between the ordinary surfaces we navigate daily and the sky. The nails, resembling upward-pointing mini monuments, symbolize the 'set of points' derived from astronomical observations, forming new connections.

These dotted maps can be seen as Unfinished Worlds, offering an opportunity for imagination or to envision desired worlds. Vendrame transforms maps, atlases, and globes from tools of control into tools for imagination.


Unifinished Worlds was initially conceived as a site-specific installation at the Palm House in Villa Waldberta, Feldafing, within the framework of Artist in Residence Munich in cooperation with The Artist and the Others.


Giuditta Vendrame intertwines art and design, navigating legal infrastructures in works that center on personhood, space, and mobility. In her installations, objects, works on paper, video and performances she deals with control of movement and the prevention of unwanted movement across different spatial scales. Vendrame challenges societal constructs by juxtaposing physical geography and natural forces, deconstructing and reconstructing worlds to transform perceptions of boundaries, territories, and movement.

Her artworks have been exhibited and presented in prominent exhibitions at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin, Walker Art Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, RMIT Gallery Melbourne, OCAT Shenzhen, among other venues.

Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab
Scores from Gröndal / Scores for Malmö

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Scores from Gröndal / Scores for Malmö

Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab at SPARK

2023/10/20 - 2023/11/19

Open Door Session, Friday 20 October, 17:00 – 20:00

Listening is not a reaction; it is a connection. Listening to a conversation or a story, we don’t so much respond as join in – become part of the action.

–Ursula K. Le Guin, “Telling is Listening”



Scores from Gröndal / Scores for Malmö presents a series of scores for active listening in relation to place, as an offering to people of the neighborhood around SPARK and its visitors. These gestures and guides take different starting points and lean on different senses, engaging multiple ways of seeing, listening, feeling and, in other forms, having an active dialogue with a place. In Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab’s working methodology, this is a vital foundation for developing – and making public – propositions for our common spaces.


Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab is a laboratory for artists, architects, landscape architects, curators and cultural producers. Asking ourselves the question ”what is of public interest?”, we work with artistic strategies and making to develop methodologies, propositions and projects for the spaces referred to as public. OPI Lab is founded by the artist Jonas Dahlberg and led together with curator Jasmine Hinks. One of its identities is that it operates as a one-year advanced course at the Institute for Research and Further Education in Architecture and Fine Art at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.


Each year, a new group of practitioners meet one week a month at OPI Lab’s storefront space, located in the neighborhood of our case study Gröndal. The group develop new kinds of understandings, methods, works and propositions that come from listening to that place and being in dialogue with it. Our relation to this place and its inhabitants and context develops – through exploring what, who, where, how and why. Our positions in that context, our bodies, and relation to what we say and how we say it, changes through the slow process of understanding a place and the possibilities we might have to contribute with something there.


When SPARK invited OPI Lab to make an exhibition in Malmö, it highlighted how problematic it would be for our methodologies to share previous works that are specific to the context of a neighbourhood in Stockholm. Instead, this exhibition carries the traces of how participants of OPI Lab 2022/23 approached seeing, listening, feeling and imagining in relation to Gröndal.


Participants from Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab 2022/2023 that contributed to Scores from Gröndal / Scores for Malmö: Nicole Bitsch Pedersen, Elisabeth Brun, Ase Brunborg Lie, Johanna Fager, Jenna Jauhiainen, Gülbeden Kulbay, Alessandro Marchi, Samuel Michaelsson, Romea Muryń, Alexandra Papademetriou, Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse, Elin Stampe. 


Scores from Gröndal / Scores for Malmö has been curated by the leaders of OPI Lab: Jasmine Hinks and Jonas Dahlberg.