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SPARK is looking for volunteers

SPARK is excited to put forth an ambitious exhibition and performance programme for the coming year. We are now looking for volunteers to support all our activities, helping to create high-quality exhibitions in close collaboration with the artists and exhibitors, and reaching out to new groups, spreading our mission to bring art, architecture and research closer together.

As a volunteer, you will be a part of our creative team:

• Planning and execution of exhibitions and events

• Guiding visitors during opening hours (weekends, 1-4 pm)

• Supporting us with communications

• Networking and spreading of information about SPARK's exhibitions and activities

You will work closely with our curators and exhibitors, helping to set up exhibitions, preparing for openings and transferring knowledge to our visitors. We are looking for someone with a keen interest in architecture and art, who is highly collaborative and open to new and different perspectives. You are a student, retired or a professional within an artistic field with a knowledge and insight into our mission. Expected work effort 5-10 hours/month.

If you are interested in joining SPARK, please send us a brief personal letter to:

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